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    Thank you for always using more me for message!Today, a new message page design "Sakura" has been added! ! The design has a refreshing and warm atmosphere that is perfect for spring.The Japanese taste is also effective, and it has a somewhat elegant taste. Please take a look at the samples on each type of message page. ↓ Happy Wedding Happy Birthday Thank You Congratulation Anniversary Love You
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    The new CM video "Mother's Day Edition" of "more me for message" has been uploaded. Would you like to give a different gift this year?You can watch it on the site, so please take a look.
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    A new design for the message page has been added! ! You can check the design from the page of each type of message. We will continue to add new designs. looking forward to! !

what's "more-me for message"

"More me for message" is new type of message card.
When you want to celebrate your friend's anniversary,
when you want to surprise your dearest person, when you want to tell your parents "thank you" , and etc...
"More me for message" would be special gift.

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